Looking hella white girl.
How you gon’ be mad on vacation?

Anonymous said: you look like scarlett johansson

I get that one a lot. 


Sometimes you need a tall cute boy to cuddle you in bed with his hand up your shirt

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So I got a bunch of anons, some were mean and some of them were nice. When I blocked the rude ones, the nice ones got deleted too.

Aka they were both sent by the same person.

And I totally know who it is lmfao.

Fucking hate fake people, get out of my life.

Anonymous said: relationship advice? So me and this guy at school have had the biggest flirtationship this year and we got really close like good friends, and 2 months ago we had sex and were eachothers first. Now I know he's a big flirt and has many girl friends and I like him now. Maybe because he took my virginity?? anyway he always talks about wanting to fuck again and I'm scared he will never think of me romantically... what do you think?

been there, he’s just gonna use you.